So I have been reading the news about all these data breaches happening lately and remembered this cool project by Troy Hunt called ‘Have I Been Pwned’. You can go to projects website at and enter your email address to see if it shows up as hacked on his database which is made of billions of usernames and passwords of people that have been hacked on different sites and platforms.

First time I checked my email it showed up as compromised and I found my old password together with other 5 million passwords in a text file hosted online. Good thing it was my old password and that I change my passwords regularly.

Want youtube premium futures for free? No problem there’s a modified version of the youtube app called youtube vanced.

You can find it at

If you have a regular non rooted device you will have to install two apps to be able to login to youtube but it is still better than paying a monthly fee.

Best thing about it no more annoying ads and waiting 5 seconds for that skip button to appear. You can even lock your phone and youtube will continue to play saving battery power.