Easy Download of Music

So its time to update the playlist in my car just before the summer kicks off. But where do I download some good music? Youtube of course, the only problem with downloading music from youtube is that you usually use a service like flvto.biz which lets you download single tracks.

Single tracks? who’s got that much time. That would take forever especially me having hundreds of songs in my youtube playlists. If only there was a way to just download the entire playlist. Well there is a way.

A wonderful tool written in python called youtube-dl lets you do just that. Unfortunately to get it working you need to first download python which isn’t part of windows then download youtube-dl. But the worst part is that youtube-dl does not have a Graphical user interface so you need to write commands in a command prompt which is just too technical for the average user.

Lucky for us someone wrote a portable GUI version for windows which you can download from:


So now just copy and add url’s of your youtube playlists chose download location, choose output format as mp3 click add and then start(the little cloud with the arrow). Go make yourself a margarita cocktail and when you come back you’ll have some new tracks downloaded ready to burn to CD.

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